DIY CBD Series: Infusions 101


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Early bird pricing of $85 available until 2/18/2020.

DIY CBD 101: Infusions 
Culinary Concepts, Fairfield, NJ

Take your pick from either of these three-hour sessions:

Registration fee:

    • $85 ($70 for the first 15 attendees to register with coupon code CBD101)
    • $100 after 2/18/2020

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Finally, the cannabis class you’ve been bugging us about…

At every cannabis event we’ve done, people have asked us for tips on how to make their own CBD infusions at home. We figured it was time to address your questions.

“How long should I infuse, and at what temperature?”
“I’m afraid I might ruin my buds.”
“How will I know how much CBD is in my edibles?”
“What temperature do you use to decarb?”

We get it. CBD products (and medical marijuana) can get expensive. And for many patients, smoking is not ideal. So when you do spend your hard-earned dollars on CBD flower, infusing it into your own edibles can be a scary endeavor. But it doesn’t have to be.

The truth is that when it comes to infusing your own CBD edibles, there’s nothing to fear. Because if we can do it, you can too. You just need experienced instructors who care.

Who’s this class for?

  • patients or their caregivers
  • anyone who’s ruined their precious CBD buds
  • anyone looking for safer, more cost effective ways to medicate
  • anyone concerned about accurate dosing
  • first-time cannabis cooks (experienced users: stay tuned for our advanced classes)

This is NOT just a cooking class. Here’s why it’s different:

  • You’ll work with legal CBD cannabis flower in a nurturing, stigma-free, anxiety-free environment.
  • You’ll get to see, smell, taste and feel what fresh CBD flower is.
  • You’ll gain access to our online resources and tools.
  • You’ll get to freely sample our products.
  • You’ll make meaningful connections with our community.
  • You’ll get to take home over $100 in CBD-infused treats.

What you’ll learn:

  • the legal distinction between CBD cannabis flower and “marijuana”
  • how to process cannabis with minimal odor
  • how infusing edibles with CBD flower is different from processing medical marijuana
  • how to adapt these skills to working with medical marijuana
  • where to source your CBD flower and how to keep it fresh
  • foolproof methods for accurately calibrating your personalized dose of CBD

What you’ll come away with:

  • less pain, no anxiety
  • the confidence to create CBD edibles tailored for you
  • intrinsically rewarding skill that you’ll never lose
  • inspiration to create and share your creations
  • new friends
  • Did we mention $100 of your own hand-made CBD edibles?

These are empowering skills, and we’d love to share them with you!

Here are the details:

DIY CBD 101: Infusions 
Culinary Concepts
376 Hollywood Ave
Fairfield, NJ 07004

Take your pick from either of these three-hour sessions:

Registration fee:

  • $100 ($85 for the first 15 attendees to register with coupon code CBD101)
  • $115 after 2/4/2020

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Friday or Saturday?

Friday 2/21/2020 6-9pm, Saturday 2/22/2020 2-5pm


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